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Though often overlooked, the canteen is essential in every office and school and should be treated as more than an afterthought. By designing a holistic, inviting, and inclusive communal space, you can better keep your employees and students happy.

Read on to learn more about the objectives and elements you should consider when designing a modern canteen.


1. Encourage regular breaks

It is not enough to create an environment conducive to learning and working; there should also be a designated place where individuals can go to take a break. Taking regular breaks is vital as it helps individuals maintain focus, reset the body, and improve productivity.

Moreover, a well-designed canteen gives individuals something to get up from their desks for, which is crucial considering that sedentary behaviour increases the chances of sitting disease. Sitting disease may lead to increased blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases—issues that severely compromise an individual’s productivity, health, and well-being.


2. Improve mental well-being

Focusing solely on work or studying can be stressful and affect an individual’s mental health. This affects their ability to think critically and focus on the task at hand, thus reducing the effectiveness of their working or studying session.

Individuals should feel like they can take a break when tasks become too overwhelming, or they want a change in scenery. A well-designed canteen encourages individuals to relax, boosting their mental well-being.


3. Encourage socialisation and a sense of community

Without inviting and comfortable communal spaces, individuals tend to work in silos or only interact with those they are physically close to. Limited interaction makes work and school less engaging and reduces opportunities for collaboration.

A modern canteen should serve as a communal space that breaks down team-based or class-based barriers. When cross-communication is promoted, individuals are likely to feel a richer sense of culture and belonging and thus feel more comfortable coming to work and school.

Here are some elements that can help your canteen achieve the above mentioned objectives.


Various seating options

A comfortable and inclusive canteen should offer different seating options.

It helps to have furniture designed for diverse heights and various users. Some individuals prefer smaller tables positioned in corners, while others like interacting with bigger groups and thus better suit larger tables.

Eng Hin Construction offers 4-seater, 6-seater, and 8-seater tables and benches, which are ideal for big and small groups.


Space planning and mobility

Your canteen should provide sufficient space for mobility. If there are too many furniture pieces and appliances around, individuals will likely become frustrated and less willing to visit the canteen.

Hence, it would help if you drew up a layout plan before furnishing the space. You could also consider creating different zones in the canteen so individuals can choose where to sit depending on their state of mind. For example, a quieter and more secluded space can be created for individuals who are tired and want to take a short rest.


Colour, lighting, and decor

The canteen should enable individuals to refresh their minds and moods. Hence, bright colours might be more suitable. It also helps to bring in beautiful plants, which help strengthen an individual’s connection to nature in a manufactured environment and thus enhance productivity.

Additionally, different types of lighting suit different spaces. Bright lights, which are more energising, can be used for the main areas, while softer lighting is preferable for quiet spaces.



The canteen should be a holistic and inclusive space encouraging individuals to come to work or school every day. A well-designed modern canteen can keep employees and students happy, improving productivity and efficiency.

Eng Hin Construction is a custom furniture company in Singapore that offers a range of canteen tables and benches. We offer other custom furniture in Singapore, including training tables and chairs, and laboratory chairs and stools. Visit us at to find out more!

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