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If you’re planning to furnish a laboratory, it can be challenging to know where to start. Finding the right furniture piece is essential to the health and productivity of laboratory personnel. It will also likely stay with you for a long time; hence, your choice will affect you for years.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right laboratory furniture.


Laboratory type

There are many different types of laboratories, each with a distinct set of users and set-up requirements. A specific industry’s fundamental objectives and needs define the kind of furniture you should choose.

Some common laboratory types include research and development laboratories, chemical laboratories, medical laboratories, and educational laboratories. There is also a distinction between wet and dry laboratories: the former refers to laboratories that handle liquid solvents, while the latter refers to those working with dry compounds.

Laboratory furniture is not one-size-fits-all. Finding the best-fitting furniture piece for the intended tasks and risks is crucial.


Strategic arrangement and layout

You should devise a plan depicting the laboratory’s set-up based on the amount of space available and the type of equipment used. Your furniture should be arranged such that safety and efficiency are maximised. It is also vital to consider work zones and traffic flow to facilitate easy movement and completion of tasks.

For example, hazardous materials should not be stored in high-traffic areas, and bulky furniture pieces are better suited to the sides of the room. This will ensure that laboratory personnel can perform optimally without being hindered by obstacles along the way.



Flexibility refers to the ability for furniture to be rearranged and configured. Whether it is a result of fluctuating sample qualities or changes in operating size, your furniture should be able to adapt to changing needs.

By considering the long-term uses of furniture, you can reduce the costs of alteration or replacement in the future. Hence, choosing flexible furniture is a good investment.



One of the most significant considerations when choosing furniture is quality. You want furniture that is suitable for your laboratory while being durable and long-lasting. Prioritising quality and craftsmanship ensures that your laboratory furniture will last a long time, allowing you to get the best value for your money.


Functional design

Consider how each furniture piece enhances productivity and efficiency in the laboratory.

Laboratory personnel should not have to bend over or stretch excessively to get the necessary equipment. They should also not worry about minor disturbances such as height adjustments and uncomfortable seating.

You can check out Eng Hin Construction for height-adjustable laboratory chairs that are functional, ergonomic, and comfortable.



Keeping the laboratory clean and safe should always be of top priority. Hence, you should pick out laboratory furniture that can be cleaned and maintained easily.

At Eng Hin Construction, we offer laboratory chairs and stools that are made with chemical, soil, and puncture-resistant polyurethane, which allow for hassle-free maintenance.



Though it may be tempting to select the cheaper product, it is not always the most cost-effective choice. A cheap furniture piece that is of low quality will wear down quickly and need to be replaced in a short time.

Hence, you should find a balance between price and quality so that you make an excellent long-term investment.



Choosing the right laboratory furniture is crucial in creating a conducive and comfortable environment. It is thus beneficial to consider the factors mentioned above.

If you’re looking for laboratory chairs and stools, check out Eng Hin Construction, a custom furniture company in Singapore. We offer custom furniture in Singapore for commercial purposes. Visit us at to find out more!

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