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Successful learning requires more than well-qualified teachers and interested students—a conducive physical environment is also crucial. This includes having suitable furniture that supports students physically and mentally in learning.

Read on to learn more about how proper furniture can enhance the learning experience.


Comfort and ergonomics improve focus

When furnishing a classroom, it is essential to remember that one size does not fit all. Students come in varying heights and build and thus require different tables and chairs. Sitting on furniture that is too big or small may lead to discomfort and, consequently, loss of focus and productivity.

Hence, it helps to get height-adjustable chairs and tables. Height adjustability is especially useful for young students who are still growing and thus require furniture that can support their changing bodies.

Moreover, tables and chairs that are crafted with ergonomics in mind boost a student’s ability to learn effectively. Sitting incorrectly for prolonged periods can cause lower back pain and strain, hindering students’ learning. Therefore, finding furniture that promotes healthy posture should be of top priority.

At Eng Hin Construction, we offer height-adjustable training tables and chairs that support students’ posture and allow them to sit comfortably without getting distracted by discomfort.


Maximise floor space to accommodate versatility of activities

A well-designed modern learning environment should be flexible: not only should there be space for standard lecture-style lessons, but furniture pieces should also be moveable so that you can get creative with the space available.

One way to achieve this is by purchasing foldable tables and stackable chairs that can be easily stored at the side of the classroom. This arrangement allows you to maximise the space and learning opportunities.

Lightweight school chairs and tables are also ideal because they facilitate the transition between activities. These furniture pieces can be easily rearranged to create collaborative and breakout areas, encouraging students to collaborate and participate in teamwork.

Eng Hin Construction offers foldable training tables and stackable and lightweight training room chairs perfect for learning activities of all kinds.


Adapt to different learning styles

A learning environment should be adaptable to different teaching and learning styles. For example, kinesthetic learners focus best when participating in physical activities; introducing moveable and adjustable chairs and desks would help them learn better.

Swivel chairs are also helpful for energetic students as they allow students to find comfortable and non-fixed positions, enabling them to learn naturally and efficiently.

Eng Hin Construction offers swivel chairs that allow students to stay active and learn better.


Welcoming and inviting learning environment

A welcoming learning environment motivates students to wake up and attend class daily. Hence, it would help to choose furniture that suits the overall interior design.



Creating a learning environment that students love motivates them to feel more invested in their studies. Students who feel comfortable and supported will likely be more alert and engaged, improving productivity.

Are you looking for custom furniture in Singapore? If you want a furniture piece specific in size or design, custom furniture is the best choice.

Eng Hin Construction is a custom furniture company in Singapore that specialises in furniture for commercial purposes. We offer a range of products such as canteen tables and benches, training tables and chairs, and laboratory chairs and stools. Contact us for more information.

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