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When choosing your laboratory furniture, there are several factors that you should consider, such as laboratory type and flexibility. However, there is one additional factor that is often overlooked: ergonomics.

Read on to learn about ergonomic lab chairs and stools and why they benefit you.


What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics focuses on designing and arranging products to fit the user rather than forcing the user to fit the product. Therefore, laboratory ergonomics ensure employees can function healthily and safely while experiencing improved productivity.

Since lab workers often spend hours sitting in their chairs, it is crucial to ensure they are comfortably seated and can concentrate on their tasks fully. Ergonomic furniture—which usually refers to adjustable furniture that can be fine-tuned to suit your unique body—is thus of utmost importance.


What’s wrong with traditional laboratory chairs?

Traditional laboratory chairs have one primary function: to allow the user to sit. However, this single function is not enough for individuals who need to sit for long periods and complete their necessary tasks.

Sitting can be detrimental to your health, especially when done improperly. Traditional chairs do not provide body support as they do not account for your body, spine, and neck positions. As a result, prolonged sitting may lead to lower back pain, nerve damage, and increased stress.

Compared to traditional chairs, ergonomic lab chairs allow you to adjust to fit your body and seating preferences. They are made specifically for lab workers and thus consider the demand of delicate procedures and physical movement.



Ergonomic chairs and stools are designed to fit and maximise your body parts without hurting them, balancing comfort, efficiency, and safety. Some physical and mental benefits include:


1. Improved comfort and enhanced productivity

It is crucial that you feel comfortable while going about your daily tasks. After all, comfort and productivity go hand in hand.

Using a traditional lab chair that does not provide proper body support will likely cause discomfort, leading to a loss in productivity and a drop in job satisfaction.

Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in ergonomic lab chairs and stools, which provide sufficient support for your back, spine, neck, and legs. These furniture pieces lower the risk of bodily damage and alleviate feelings of discomfort, allowing you to channel all of your attention and energy into the task at hand.


2. Posture support

When using traditional chairs, it is common for individuals to adopt poor posture; for example, many tend to slouch or lean forward because their chairs don’t have a suitable back height. Such habits are detrimental as improper sitting strains your muscles and ligaments, leading to back pain.

Ergonomic chairs and stools are height-adjustable, allowing you to keep your feet flat on the floor and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. This position helps support the natural curvature of your spine, regardless of your height.

Proper posture can greatly improve the physical health and well-being of lab workers who spend long hours engaged in focused work.


3. Improved blood circulation and reduced fatigue

Lab work is often demanding and requires workers to sit in the same position for prolonged periods. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to increased fatigue and poor blood circulation, which may lead to more severe issues such as increased blood pressure.

Ergonomic and adjustable chairs and stools allow workers to adjust their positions, thus reducing the likelihood of numbness and discomfort caused by poor blood flow. Because your circulatory system delivers blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your body, improved blood circulation can reduce fatigue and help keep you energetic throughout the day.


4. Reduced risk of workplace injuries

When working with scientific equipment, materials, and substances, it is crucial that individuals are patient and focused on their work. If your focus breaks, you are more likely to make mistakes and get injured.

Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in ergonomic lab chairs and stools, which can minimise the likelihood of pain and discomfort.



Ergonomic lab chairs and stools are an investment: they provide robust body support, improving your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, they are crucial in creating a productive and conducive environment in which all lab workers can thrive.

At Eng Hin Construction, we offer a variety of ergonomic science lab chairs and stools. We also have a selection of canteen tables and chairs and training chairs. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us or visit our furniture warehouse in Toa Payoh.

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